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Wheaton Park has many amenities to offer the outdoor enthusiast including:  updated playground equipment, a tennis court, a basketball court, ball fields, batting cages, an ice skating rink, trails with different terrains, and reservable pavilions!

Wheaton Park is located at 3900 38th Street  Elk Mound, Wisconsin.

Just 2.5 miles west of the intersection of County T and Highway 29!


Check Pavilion Availability

Pending Reservations for that date will show one of the following on the calendar:

Ball Fields – Pending Tennis/Basketball Court – Pending
Upper Pavilion – Pending Lower Pavilion – Pending
Special Event – Pending Tournament – Pending



  Confirmed Reservations for that date will show one of the following on the calendar:

Ball Fields – Reserved Tennis/Basketball Court – Reserved
Upper Pavilion – Reserved Lower Pavilion – Reserved
Special Event – Reserved Tournament – Reserved


     NOTE: Special Events and Tournaments do use both the upper and lower pavilion unless otherwise noted on the confirmed reservation.


To reserve a pavilion please fill out the Wheaton Park Reservation Application located here and follow the instructions on the application.  

Wheaton Park Renter Procedures can be found here.


Upper Pavilion



 Size:  20’ x 20’                         Capacity:  40 – 75                       Number of Picnic Tables:  8



Lower Pavilion



 Size:  48’ x 28’                         Capacity:  80 – 150                       Number of Picnic Tables:  10



Wheaton Boat Landing has direct access to the Chippewa River with plenty of space to park your vehicle and boat trailer while you enjoy the scenic Chippewa River!

Wheaton Boat Landing is located at 3001 106th Street Chippewa Falls, WI.










Elk Creek State Public Fishing Area has some great trout fishing!  It is also home to the Elk Creek Trout Stamp & Sports Fish Restoration Project, which was initiated as a cooperative effort on the part of the Wisconsin Department of Natural Resources and the Ojibleau Chapter of Trout Unlimited. “It started in 2000 and had been originally planned as a two-year project; however, with the availability of the trout crew and surplus funds from other projects the entire 2,430 feet was completed in just two months. Record rainfall for this period (9 in. over normal) slowed the effort and added expense.  2,110 tons of granite riprap and 1,371 cubic yards of fieldstone were used to complete construction. All disturbed areas were seeded and mulched throughout the stream thread.  Surveys show that trout over 12 inches inhabit this stream.  This project will significantly increase the number of adult fish in Elk Creek.”: (Expenditures of Inland Waters Trout Stamp Revenues Administrative Report 52   2003,16)


Elk Creek Trout Stamp & Sports Fish Restoration Project is located

right across the street from 3687 20th Street Elk Mound, WI.


Chippewa County Snowmobile Trails explore more than 480 miles of trails with the Wheaton Trail, Sunnyside Trail, and Rough Rider Trail venturing through Wheaton Township.  There are four groomers patrolling the region so you will definitely find trails that are always favorable!  For up-to-date trail maps go to www.wheatonknightriders.com/.


Wheaton Ball League is all about the kids having fun playing ball and learning the game!  Programs are available for kids age 4 to 14.  More information is available on Town of Wheaton website under ‘Wheaton Ball League’ tab or go to www.townofwheaton.com/wheaton-ball-league.



If you have any questions about Wheaton Parks & Recreation please email wheatonpark@gmail.com or contact any of the Wheaton Parks Commission members.

Do you have Parks and Recreation Ideas?  Please come to the Wheaton Fire Station and share them with us at our Wheaton Parks Commission meetings the 3rd Tuesday of every month at 7PM.