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Mar 21, 2017

Town of Wheaton Parks Commission Minutes

Tuesday, March 21, 2017

Wheaton Fire Station at 7:00 pm

3900 38th Street

Elk Mound, WI  54739


1.  Ken Books called the meeting to order at 7:00 pm.

2.  Those in attendance:  Chad Kragness, Stephanie Hay, Lynnette Muszynski, Brian Gerrits, Dora Wood, Ken Books along with Community Members: Skip Meider and Adam Blaskowski.

3.  Lynnette motioned to approve the agenda.  Dora 2nd the motion.  Motion carried.

4.  A motion to approve the February Meeting Minutes was made by Chad.  Lynnette 2nd the motion.  Motion carried.

5.  No Public Comments

6.  Old Business

  1. Boat Landing Dock System – Skip presented drawing for his recommendation for a floating docking type system and concrete boat ramp sections. Estimate $10K.  
  2. Upper Pavilion/Concession Building Updates – Ken took items to the town board, they asked for updated bids – taking out the safe house portion. Bob at CBS Squared is working on that.   He spoke with SEH who will update their bid, also.

Question was posed about putting in a basement – as a safe place.  That is probably not a viable option.


  1. Updated DNR Grant Application for the Park Expansion/Boat Landing Improvements – Ken has updated the application and added a lot of information. Ken received the official boat landing acreage from the assessor. Jenny sent over environmental information.  A couple more tweaks and it will be ready. Ken will be double checking the additions to the comprehensive plan and reiterate to the Town Board what it needs completed before we can submit the grant application.


  1. Town of Wheaton Facebook Page to Promote Park Activities – Ken presented the idea of a Facebook page for the Town of Wheaton as discussed at our February meeting to the Wheaton Town Board.  The Wheaton Town Board stated they are in favor of us setting up a page.  Town of Wheaton page – will be initiated by the Wheaton Parks Commission.  Jenny will begin to work on the page build, set up administrators, and those who may monitor the site. Stephanie volunteered to help with the Facebook page build and be an administrator. 

We asked the Fire Department about their involvement – Adam and Brian said they thought it was okay.  They wouldn’t use it a lot but it could be used for special events.

Brian recommended turning off the comments and ratings. The commission agreed.






7.  New Business

  1. Park/Boat Landing/Recreation Improvement Items


  1. Chad making some wood bag hooks to try for this ball season. 
  2. Ken has some memorial money that may be used to install a bench in memory of his father.  Other ideas were:  benches, blocks, hitching posts.  We need to start discussing location of items, how to present it to the community, and create guidelines.


  1. Chippewa County Outdoor Recreation Plan Updates – Ken sent this to everyone – please review the section on the Town of Wheaton



8.  Set Potential Agenda Items for Next Meeting (Commission Discussion) – finalize Grant Application

9.  Due to the Town Annual Meeting on April 18, 2017 the Parks Commission Meeting was moved to the following Thursday, April 20th at 7:00 at Wheaton Fire Station.

10.  Stephanie motioned to adjourn the meeting.  Dora seconded the motion.  Motion carried. Meeting was adjourned at 8:36 pm.

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