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Wheaton Parks Commission Minutes ( Approved)
May 16, 2017

  Town of Wheaton Parks Commission Meeting Minutes

Tuesday, May 16, 2017

Wheaton Fire Station at 8:00 pm

3900 38th Street

Elk Mound, WI  54739


1.  Ken Books called the meeting to order at 8:00 p.m.

2.  Commission Members in attendance: Jenny Schutte, Brian Gerrits, Dora Wood, and Ken Books. Public in attendance: Adam Blaskowski and Mark Blaskowski

3.  Approval of Agenda:  Brian moved to approve the meeting agenda.  Dora seconded the motion.  Motion passed.

4. Brian moved to approve the April Meeting Minutes as presented.  Ken seconded the motion. The motion passed.

5.  There were no public comments.

6.  Old Business

  1. Ken had a copy of the final DNR Grant Application for the Park Expansion/Boat Landing Improvements for members to review.  We should learn if we received the grant in November or December.  Ken reiterated thanks for all who have collaborated to bring this grant project together.


  1. Town of Wheaton Facebook Page to Promote Park Activities – Mark Blaskowski confirmed he has designated the Parks commission to build, monitor, and administer a Facebook page.  The page will be titled “Wheaton Parks and Rec.”. The page will be used to promote board approved events, activities, and improvements of the township, including the parks and recreation areas.

Jenny gave us an overview of what she has put into the Facebook page build so far.  Jenny will review what she has created after tonight’s discussion and present the page at next month’s meeting.


  1. Chippewa County Outdoor Recreation Plan Updates – Brian and Ken will work on reviewing the existing Chippewa County Outdoor Recreation Plan.  They will bring recommendations to the Parks Commission. Possible items: a link to trail maps and/or maps on posts at trail heads.


  1. Park Memorial Donations – Lynette was working on contacting the Chippewa Falls Parks & Rec. Department regarding their latest efforts. 

Brian checked to see what CVTC had done with their naming donations.  Recommendations give to him were to have a specific plan in place before fundraising.  . 

Ken will work on putting the current park layout map on the Wheaton site and getting the landscaping plan to members.  Park commission members can review our current plan.  We have one landscaping plan for trees from our previous grant request.  It was discussed to leave the 40 acres until after the current DNR grant results are known.

Questions to consider:  What will the monies be used for?  Playground equipment, trees, etc.  Should we add benches to the plan?  What costs are associated with the plan?

7.  New Business

  1. Upper Pavilion and Concession Building Design Requirements List – Commission members reviewed our current requirements list.  Ken will send the commission the updated list for further review and comments, before sending it to the architect.


  1. Park Rentals – Ken updated the commission on 2017 park rentals. There are 11 currently.  One thing that needs addressed or clarification is protecting Wheaton Ball league items.  Options were discussed. Ken will add some verbiage related to the building availability/usage.  Currently it is not listed as part of the rental, only the pavilion is listed for rent.


  1. Park/Boat Landing/Recreation Improvement Items – nothing new at this time.

Items for Review:

  1. PA system
  2. Playground options: ride alongs, etc.
  3. Boat landing – Dora will check to see if it was mowed and get back to Ken.
  4. Revise a list of requirements for future boat landing/park maintenance (ie: mowing).  It was suggested to contact Hoffman Hills to see what they do.


8.  Potential Agenda Items for Next Meeting - review lawn mowing contract and list of requirements

9.  Next Meeting Date – June 20, 2017

10.  Jenny motioned to adjourn, Dora seconded, and the motion carried. The meeting was adjourned at 9:55 pm.


Respectfully submitted,

Dora Wood


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