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Jan 03, 2017

Town of Wheaton Planning Commission

Tuesday, January 3, 2017

Wheaton Fire Station at 7:00 PM

3800 39th Street

Elk Mound, WI 54739


1.   Affidavit of Notice of Meeting per Wisconsin Statute 19.84


2.   Call the Meeting to Order


3.   Roll Call ____ Nate LaBelle ____ Mike McGinley ____ Gary Bodenburg

      ____Alice Droske ____Wayne Miller ____Tom Piercy ___Gary De Moe


4.   Approval of Agenda

5.   Secretary's Report - December Meeting Minutes

6.   Public Comments (Limit 5 minutes per speaker)

7.   Old Business

       a.  Review/Discuss/Act. Ordinance 24, Official Map Ordinance. 

            b. Review/Discuss/Act. Ordinance 25, Metallic/Non-Metallic Mine

            Operator's License.

            c. Review/Discuss/Act. Ordinance 29, Noxious Weed.

            d. Review/Discuss/Act. Official Map for the Wheaton Fire Station meeting


8.   New Business

       a. Review/Discuss/Act. Ordinance 30, Loitering Ordinance.  Chippewa County

            doesn't have this Ordinance. WI State Statute SS66.0423 is entitled        "Transient Merchants."   Wheaton Township can regulate this Ordinance,

            Chippewa County does not.

            b. Review/Discuss/Act. Ordinance 31, Direct Seller Control Ordinance.

            Chippewa County doesn't appear to have this Ordinance. 

            c. Review/Discuss/Act. Ordinance 32, Erosion Control Ordinance. Chippewa            County, Chapter 70-181 (d) Drainage & Erosion Control Plan.  

            Chippewa County does this, should Wheaton also?

            d. Review/Discuss/Act. Ordinance 33, Town Board Meeting & Parliamentary           Procedure Ordinance.  State Statute Chapter 60, Sub 2.  Chippewa County

            Chapter 2. Rules are State Statutes. (unless Wheaton wants more)

            e. Review/Discuss/Act. Ordinance 34, Ordinance To Appoint Alternate        Members for Board of Review.  No State Statue. No Chippewa County Ordinance.

            f. Review/Discuss/Act. Ordinance 35. Outdoor burning, Open Burning, and             Burning of Refuse Ordinance.  Chippewa County doesn't have this Ordinance.

            The State of Wisconsin follows WI Adm. Code NR429.04, DNR regulations,          

            "Outdoor Burning, Open Burning, & Burning of Refuse".  PDF file (20 pages),

            "A Guide to Wisconsin Counties, Cities, Villages and Towns."  DNR/State

            regulates. Do we want more control? (See PDF File.)

            g. Review/Discuss/Act. Ordinance 36.  Fire Prevention and Safety Code

            Ordinance. (Proposed Ordinance doesn't comply with Fire District) 

            h. Review/Discuss/Act. Ordinance 2.  Manufactured and Mobile Home

            Community License, Campground License, and Temporary or Seasonal

            Residence Permit Ordinance.  Chippewa County has this, Chapter 70-71,

            10 a) and b).  State Statute ATCP125. (4 pages)  We need to review this

            Ordinance. It was discussed on 7/7/15 but was not finished.  Wheaton

            needs this Ordinance as most Townships have something in place. 


9.   Set potential agenda items for next month (Commission discussion)


10.  Set next meeting date - February 7, 2017


11.  Adjournment 

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