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Wheaton Plan Commission Agenda
Mar 07, 2017

Town of Wheaton Planning Commission

Tuesday, March 7, 2017

Wheaton Fire Station at 7:00 PM

3800 39th Street

Elk Mound, WI 54739


1.   Affidavit of Notice of Meeting per Wisconsin Statute 19.84


2.   Call the Meeting to Order and Pledge of Allegiance and Moment of Silence


3.   Roll Call ____ Nate LaBelle ____ Mike McGinley ____ Gary Bodenburg

      ____Alice Droske ____Wayne Miller ____Tom Piercy ___Gary De Moe


4.   Approval of Agenda


5.   Secretary's Report - Reading of the minutes of February 7, 2017 and

     February 16, 2017 (Ordinance meeting)


6.   Public Comments (Limit 5 minutes per speaker)


7.   Old Business

       a) Discuss/Act/Review. Ordinance 24, Official Map Ordinance . Tom to      follow-up on quotes on installing an Official Map at the Wheaton Fire Station.  Tom will check on Section 2 of the Official Map, and Highway "T".

            Wayne will check on cleaning materials/white board for the Fire Station.

            (See "e" under new business.) 

             b) Discuss/Act/Review. Ordinance 11, Sub-division Control Ordinance.

            Tom will check with Mark B. about cul-de-sac dimensions. 

            c) Discuss/Act/Review. Ordinance 18, Hotel/Motel Room Tax. Alice

            has obtained information about Ordinance 18 for further discussion.


8.   New Business

             a) Review/Discuss/Act.  Discussion on an "Ethics Ordinance". State Statue

            19.59 is the State Ethics Ordinance.  I will share information of what was

            taught at the Ethics & Open Government Laws for Planning Body Members,

            1/18/17 teleconference.  Do we need one?

            b) Review/Discuss/Act.  Discussion on a "Tiny Home Ordinance".  Do we need


            c) Review/Discuss/Act. Discussion of Ordinance "Relating to Confidentiality          of Income and Expenses Provided to Assessor for Assessment Purposes".

            (I will have a copy for each of you at the meeting.)  This ordinance was

            adopted on April 12, 2016.         

            d) Review/Discuss/Act. Discuss "Resolution to Adopt Chippewa Cty. Outdoor

            Recreation Plan As Official Plan".  (I will have a copy for each of you

            at the meeting.) 

            e) Review/Discuss/Act. Ken Books has asked if the map holder we are looking

            at installing at the Wheaton Fire Station could have "two" map holders, one

            for the township map and one for the map of the park and boat landing that        the Parks Commission could use for their meetings. 

9.   Set potential agenda items for next month (WPC board discussion)


10.  Next meeting date - April 4, 2017


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