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Wheaton Plan Commission Minutes (not yet appproved)
Jul 05, 2017

July 5, 2017


Wheaton Planning Commission Meeting


Item 1:   Affidavit of Notice of Meeting:  per Wisconsin Statute 19.84 (complied)


Item 2:   Meeting was called to order:   by Alice Droske    7:00pm


Item 3:   Roll Call:   Members Present:  Alice Droske, Tom Piercy, Mike McGinley, Gary Bodenburg, Gary De Moe, Wayne Miller.

Also Present:    Mark Blaskowski, Ken Books and Adam Blaskowski.


Item 4:   Approval of Agenda:   Motion made by De Moe/Bodenburg to approve the agenda as posted.          Motion carried   6/0.


Item 5:   Secretary Report:  Meeting Minutes of June 6, 2017:   Motion made by De Moe /McGinley to approve the minutes as written.        Motion carried   6/0.


Item 6:   Public Comment:    None.     


Item 7:   Old Business:

A)   ATV’s in the Township of Wheaton:   After a short discussion, it was decided to put this on hold for a few months until the Governor decisions in August.


Item 8:    New Business:  

A)   Vincent Schroeder, request for rezoning:    Changing of a strip of land

25.02’ x 559.27’   located N of Lot 1, CSM 3258, located in the SW ¼ of the SW ¼, of Section 16 Township 28 N . Range 10 W. (address 3066 Cty.  Hwy.  X ) from  Agricultural to Highway  Commercial. This strip is to be used for water shed purpose. Both pieces of property must be same zone type to be combined as one.    Motion made by De Moe/Piercy to approve as Highway Commercial.

Motion Carried   6/0.


B)   Requirements for appearing before WPC with rezone request:

      1)   Contact information (name, phone, address, email).

      2)   Detailed reasons for request (business, hardship, or other).

      3)   Intended long term use.

      4)   If business days and hours of operation.

      5)   Plans (preliminary, site, ariel, platt book photo).

      6)   Must appear in person or representative.

Will make necessary changes and complete next month.


C)   Started review of the Township of Wheaton Comprehensive Plan:   Reviewed and discussed what is needed to be changed on pages 22, 23, 24, and 31.


  Item 9:   Set potential agenda for next meeting:  

Old Business:

1)    Review rezone request list and act on.

2)    Move forward on Comprehensive Plan.

     New Business:   

1)   Contact Dean Gullickson for possible email updates of new and old things happening in Chippewa County.


Item 10:    Next Meeting:   Tues.  August 1, 2017     7:00 PM


Item 11:   Motion to Adjourn:   Motion made by De Moe/McGinley.

Motion carried   6/0.       8:52 pm



Secretary, Wayne Miller



(Not yet approved as of July 5, 2017)

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