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Wheaton Plan Commission Minutes (approved)
Feb 07, 2017

Feb. 7, 2017

Wheaton Planning Commission Meeting

Item 1:   Affidavit of Notice of Meeting:  per Wisconsin Statute 19.84 (complied)

Item 2:   Meeting was called to order:   by Alice Droske    7:00pm                                                      

Item 3:   Roll Call:   Members Present:   Mike McGinley, Gary Bodenburg, Alice Droske, Wayne Miller, Tom Piercy, Nate LaBelle.  Absent:  Gary   De Moe  Also Present:  Herb Steinmetz, Ken Books, Johnne Smalley.

Item 4:   Approval of Agenda:   A motion was made by Piercy/Bodenburg to amend the agenda.  Item added, to not read the minutes at the WPC meetings.            Motion carried   6/0.

Item 5:   Secretary Report:  Meeting Minutes:   Jan. 3, 2017, and Jan. 12, 2017   Miller handed out copies of minutes to the three people in attendance.              Motion to approve as posted by Piercy/McGinley          Motion carried  6/0.                                                                                                           

Item 6:   Public Comments:   A:)  Herb Steinmetz asked if it would be possible to have copies available of the agenda and minutes for people attending the meeting.

 B:)  Johnne Smalley referenced chapter 70.  If we want control of hours and days of operation for sand mines other than the County Ordinance has, we would have to have our own.

C:)  Nate LaBelle referenced the Home Oasis project. Have Chuck and Dora Wood   complied with the approved plan.    Alice is going to check with Chippewa County Zoning.

 Item 7:   Old Business:     A:)   Ordinance 24:  Official Map:   Tom Piercy received one quote from Eau Claire Business & Interiors for the sum of $908.  Tom will look into other possibilities.             More Information is needed.

 B:)   Ordinance 7:  Traffic  Ordinance:  Discussion on Implements of Husbandry ACT.377   Chippewa County adopted on 11-12-14 and Wheaton Township Adopted this  on 12-9-14.            (Need to vote on this.)

C:)  Ordinance 11:  Sub-division Control:  Discussion on changing the size of the Hammer Head and Cul-de-sac and possibly moving these two over into Roadway Ordinance 4.       Tabled. More information is needed to complete.

Item 8:    New Business:                                                                                                               A:)   Gary De Moe requested  moving  WPC meeting:       After a discussion,                                                 motion made by Bodenburg/McGinley to keep the meeting place at the Wheaton Fire Station.                 Roll Call Vote:     Yes:  McGinley, Piercy, Bodenburg, Droske, Miller.             No:   LaBelle.                        Motion carried 5/1.

B:)   Gary De Moe requested two white boards:   Tom Piercy has been working on receiving bids for the past two months on one large white board and a smaller sliding board for the Official Town Map. Motion by Miller/Piercy to not get two large white boards.                     Roll Call Vote.  Yes:   Bodenburg, Piercy, Droske, Miller.        NO:   McGinley, LaBelle.              Motion carried 4/2

C:)   WPC Members e-mail:   Alice mentioned that after Ethics & Open Government Laws for Planning Body Members teleconference, that all town board and committee members should use township website and not their personal ones. It was suggested that we mention to WTB that it maybe be wiser to have its own domain for emails. Such as members  name@wheaton.com. This will be presented to WTB.

D:)   Ordinance 8:   Driveway/Mailbox/Roadway:    Discussion on the rewording of culverts, minimum diameter, and length, this may need to be changed.                 More information is needed to finish this.

E:)   Ordinance 12:   Minimum Standard Housing :  As of now there is a minimum of 750-sq.ft. size for housing.     Tabled until more information is gathered. 

Item 9:   Set potential agenda for next meeting:                                                                     Old Business:  Discuss/Act/Review Ordinance 7,8,11,12,24,                                               New Business:  Discuss/Act/Review Ordinances 15,17,18,20, also is  ordinances needed for Ethics, and Tiny Houses.


Item 10:   Next Meeting:   Thurs. Feb. 16, 2017     6:00 PM                                                  This extra meeting is to work on ordinances only.

Item 11:   Motion to Adjourn:                Nate LaBelle/Bodenburg                                                                   Motion carried    9:10pm


Secretary,  Wayne Miller


(Not yet approved as Feb. 7, 2017)   


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