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Wheaton Plan Commission Minutes (Approved)
Feb 16, 2017

Feb. 16, 2017

Wheaton Planning Commission Meeting

Item 1:   Affidavit of Notice of Meeting:  per Wisconsin Statute 19.84 (complied)

Item 2:   Meeting was called to order:   by Alice Droske    6:00pm                                                      

Item 3:   Roll Call:   Members Present:   Mike McGinley, Gary Bodenburg,         Alice Droske, Wayne Miller, Tom Piercy,                                                                                 Absent:   Gary De Moe and  Nate LaBelle.                                                                                                         

Item 4:   Approval of Agenda:   This is an extra meeting for Ordinances.       Motion to approve by McGinley/Bodenburg.                      Motion carried   5/0.

Item 5:   Secretary Report:   None:   This Meeting is for Ordinances.

Item 6:   Public Comments:   Alice read a thank you card from Johnne Smalley, she thanked us all for making her feel welcome at our meetings.

Item 7:   Old Business:    A:)   Ordinance 24:   Official Map Ordinance:   Discussion on removing Section 34,26, for future roads. Piercy is checking with City of Chippewa Falls on Section 2, and Chippewa County on Hwy T.  Also waiting  for information from Mark B.                   Tabled until future meeting.

B-1:)  Ordinance 11:   Sub-division Control:    Lengthy  discussion on rewording.   It will then be sent for legal review.                                       

B-2:)  Ordinance 8:   Driveway/Roadway/Mailbox:   Chapter 8 page-3 line-3 to add 12” minimum diameter for culverts.   Motion made by Bodenburg/McGinley. To accept with the additional wording.         Motion carried 5/0.

C:)  Ordinance 7:   Traffic:   After a discussion.    Motion  made  by Bodenburg/McGinley  to adopt Act 377 as written, Ordinance 7.                   Motion carried 5/0.

D:)  Ordinance 12:   Minimum Standard Housing:  After a long discussion, motion by Piercy/Bodenburg  to seek legal advice if  this ordinance should be kept.  Motion carried 5/0.


Item 8:    New Business:                                                                                                               A:)   Ordinance 15:   Disturbing the Public Peace/Prohibition of Noises:           After research we found it to be included in Ordinance 3.                                           Motion by Piercy/Miller to drop Ordinance 15.                          Motion carried 5/0.

B:)   Ordinance 17:   Commercial District – Minumin Lot Size:    After a discussion a motion by Bodenburg/Miller  to not change,  leave as written.                    Motion carried 5/0.

C:)   Ordinance 18:   Hotel/Motel Room Tax:   Discussion of putting an amendment onto Ordinance 18.  Further information is needed.                                 Tabled until information is gathered.

D:)   Ordinance 20:   Insufficient Funds for Checks :   After speaking with the town treasurer, there does not seem to be a problem with this.  Motion made by Piercy/Bodenburg    not to adopt Ordinance 20.       Motion carried 5/0.

E:)   Ethics Ordinance:   It was reviewed and discussed by the Ethics and Open Government Laws teleconference on 1/18/17 and recommended by State Attorney, it would be wise to have one or adopt  SS.19.59.  To be discussed more next meeting.

F:)   Tiny Home Ordinance:    Alice read an email from County Zoning. It stated mostly these are within city limits so the people can get to stores and doctor appointments, etc.         To be reviewed next meeting.

Item 9:   Set potential agenda for next meeting:                                                                Old Business:   A:  Finish Ordinance  24, 12, 18,  Possible Ethics and Tiny Homes..                                                                  B:  Review Quotes on Official Town Map for Wheaton Fire Station meeting room. 

 Item 10:   Next Meeting:   Tues.  Mar.7, 2017   7:00 PM

Item 11:   Motion to Adjourn:                 Bodenburg/McGinley    Motion carried 8:05pm


Secretary,  Wayne Miller


 (Not yet approved as Feb. 16, 2017)           

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