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Wheaton Plan Commission Minutes (approved)
Jun 06, 2017

June 6, 2017


Wheaton Planning Commission Meeting


Item 1:   Affidavit of Notice of Meeting:  per Wisconsin Statute 19.84 (complied)


Item 2:   Meeting was called to order:   by Alice Droske    7:00pm


Item 3:   Roll Call:   Members Present: Mike McGinley, Nate La Belle, Alice Droske, Wayne Miller, Tom Piercy, Gary De Moe, Gary Bodenburg.

Also Present:    Herb Steinmitz, Ryan & Valerie Michaels, Elizabeth & Kevin DeCook.


Item 4:   Approval of Agenda:   Motion made by De Moe/McGinley to approve the agenda as posted.          Motion carried   7/0.


Item 5:   Secretary Report:  Meeting Minutes:    Motion made by De Moe /McGinley to approve the minutes as written.        Motion carried   7/0.


Item 6:   Public Comment:    None.     


Item 7:   Old Business:

A)  Bylaws and Rules of the WPC:   Motion made by De Moe/Bodenburg to accept the updates made as of  05/02/2017         Motion carried    7/0.


B)   ATV’s in the Township of Wheaton:   Lengthy discussion if all roads should be opened or just certain ones. Also possible cost to do so. Nate will get the maps of Tilden, Howard, and Eagle Point roads that are open and see if we can possibly meet up with them. Will revisit at future meeting.


Item 8:    New Business:  

A)   Elizabeth & Kevin DeCook, request for rezoning:   Changing of 6.5 acres Agricultural to Local Commercial for dance hall and reception venue.  Lengthy discussion on this, a lot of questions were asked about the project.  Nate suggested leaving it Agricultural with a CUP.  DeCook’s  want Local Commercial.

(This would not meet with the Comprehension Plans Goals.)

Motion made by De Moe/McGinley to approve Local Commercial.

De Moe, McGinley, Bodenburg.  (3-Yes)

Piercy, LaBelle, Droske, Miller. (4-No)              Motion Denied   4/3


B)   WPC expects of the WTB about Ordinances questions:   WPC unanimously felt that the WTB should go through all the ordinances. After doing so, bring them to the WPC meeting so all committee members are available for any questions they need answered.


C)   “Quasi-judicial “with regard to Planning Commission:   The term Quasi-judicial literally means court like, Implying that proceedings must be similar to those followed in court proceedings.


D)   Review of the Township of Wheaton Comprehensive Plan:    No action taken, do to time.


Item 9:   Set potential agenda for next meeting:              

A)  Old Business:    

1)    ATVs possible roads.

B)  New Business:   

1)   Make guide list for what information is needed to bring projects to the           WPC.


Item 10:   Next Meeting:   Wed.  July 5, 2017     7:00 PM


Motion to Adjourn:    McGinley/De Moe.      Motion carried   7/0       9:22 pm


Secretary,  Wayne Miller


(Not yet approved as of June 6, 2017)

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