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Wheaton Plan Commission Minutes (Approved)
Mar 16, 2017

March 16, 2017

Wheaton Planning Commission Meeting

Item 1:   Affidavit of Notice of Meeting:  per Wisconsin Statute 19.84 (complied)

Item 2:   Meeting was called to order:   by Alice Droske    6:00pm                                                      

Item 3:   Roll Call:   Members Present: Mike McGinley, Nate La Belle, Alice Droske, Wayne Miller, Tom Piercy, Gary De Moe, Gary Bodenburg (left at 6:45pm)

Item 4:   Approval of Agenda:   Motion made by De Moe/McGinley to amend the agenda, changed date of next meeting to April 6, 2017.       Motion carried   7/0.

Item 5:   Secretary Report:  Meeting Minutes:    None   (This is an Ordinance meeting  only).

Item 6:   Public Comments:   The Planning Commission discussed changing legal counsel for reviewing of the Town Ordinances. A recommendation was written for presentation to the Town Board and Town Chair dated March 16, 2017.

Item 7:   Old Business:    A:)   Review of Draft VI and some Adopted Ordinances:   There was a full review of all Draft VI Ordinances and some Adopted Ordinances by Wheaton Town Board.  Some clarification and minor changes were made.                                                                                                          B:)   Ordinance 24:  Official Map:   Tom Piercy did get the map printed and dated March 15, 2017.    Motion to Adopt by De Moe/McGinley.    Motion carried 6/0.

Item 8:   Set potential agenda for next meeting:   Review all ordinances with the Wheaton Town Board.                                                    

Item 9:   Next Meeting:   Thurs. April 6, 2017     7:00 PM                                              

Item 10:   Motion to Adjourn:                Miller/De Moe.     Motion carried    7:48pm


Secretary,  Wayne Miller


(Not yet approved as Mar. 16, 2017)                       

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