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Wheaton Town Board Meeting Agenda
Jun 07, 2017

Town of Wheaton Board Meeting

Wednesday, June 7, 2017


Wheaton Town Hall

4975 County Rd “T”

Chippewa Falls, WI 54729

1. Affidavit of Notice of Meeting


per Wisconsin Statute 19.84

2. Call the Meeting to Order


and Pledge of Allegiance and Moment of Silence

3. Roll Call


_____Ruth Fagerland _____Mark Christenson _____Bud Beckwith

_____Dennis Fehr _____Gary De Moe ______Herb Steinmetz _____Mark Blaskowski

4. Approval of Agenda

5. Clerks Report –May 9th  and May 15th meeting minutes. Check register presentation for

discussion, action, approvals.

6. Public Comments


(Limit 5 minutes per speaker)

7. Committees and Reports

a. Treasurer’s Report: Review / Board Comments / File with the Clerk

b. Fire Board Report: Board Comments

c. Plan Commission Report: Board Comments

d. Town Parks Commission Report: Board Comments

8. Old Business

a. Update on the reconstruction of a portion of 50

th St from 45th Ave to 50th Ave and on the 40th

Ave project.

b. Review/Discuss the possible use of additional technology for Town of Wheaton government.

Presentation of information about hardware for this. Discussion of pros and cons.

9. New business

a. Review/Discuss/Act on liquor licenses for the Town of Wheaton.

b. Review/Discuss/Act on the request by the DeCook’s to rezone a portion of land at 6485 CTH N

from agricultural to local commercial.

c. Review/Discuss town ordinances. This will be the beginning of ongoing discussions about the

ordinances that have been reviewed by the Wheaton Plan Commission. Each ordinance will be

discussed as time allows. Approval of any changes to any ordinance will be publicly noticed for

action at a future meeting.

10. Set potential agenda items (board discussion)

11. Set next meeting date – Tuesday, July 11th

12. Adjournment

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