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Town of Wheaton Board Meeting
May 09, 2017

Town of Wheaton Board Meeting

Tuesday, May 9, 2017


Wheaton Town Hall

4975 County Rd “T”

Chippewa Falls, WI 54729

1. Affidavit of Notice of Meeting  per Wisconsin Statute 19.84

2. Call the Meeting to Order  and Pledge of Allegiance and Moment of Silence

3. Roll Call


_____Ruth Fagerland _____Mark Christenson _____Bud Beckwith

_____Dennis Fehr _____Gary De Moe ______Herb Steinmetz _____Mark Blaskowski

4. Approval of Agenda

5. Clerks Report –April 11

th meeting minutes and April 26th meeting minutes. Check register

presentation for discussion/action/approval

6. Public Comments


(Limit 5 minutes per speaker)

7. Committees and Reports

a. Treasurer’s Report: Review / Board Comments / File with the Clerk

b. Fire Board Report: Board Comments

c. Plan Commission Report: Board Comments

d. Town Parks Commission Report: Board Comments

8. Old Business

a. Open road maintenance bids for crack seal, chip seal and bridge deck sealing and

Review/Discuss/Act on the bids.

9. New business

a. Review/Discuss the possibilities of having a room tax program instituted. There will be

representatives from the hotel and town legal counsel present to explain the options.

b. Review/Discuss the feasibility of the Town of Wheaton getting out of County Zoning. Doug

Clary will be present, as will town legal counsel, to explain the procedures and the implications

of staying in and of leaving county zoning. The topic will stay on the pros and cons of the issue.

c. Review/Discuss the possibility of starting an ATV trail through the township. This discussion is

to open the dialogue about the feasibility of a trail and what will have to be completed if this is

something the township would like to have.

d. Review/Discuss the possible role of social media for Town of Wheaton government.

10. Set potential agenda items (board discussion)

11. Set next meeting date – Open for board discussion

12. Adjournment

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