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Town of Wheaton Board Minutes ( approved)
Apr 07, 2017




Notices were posted March 10, 2017 at the Town Hall, Fire Station, Recycling Center, Eau Claire Travel Center and submitted to CHIPPEWA HERALD.  Mark Blaskowski called the meeting to order at 7 p.m.  Present:  Mark Blaskowski, Bud Beckwith, Ken Custer, Gary De Moe, Herb Steinmetz, Mark Christenson, Roger Fagerland, Tom Piercy, Wayne Miller, Alice Droske, Jim Syverson, Brian Gerrits, Leonard Schneider, Mark Meyer, Ken Books, Adam Blaskowski.  Ruth Fagerland was absent.


Gary moved to approve the agenda.  Ken second, motion carried.


Ken moved to approve the minutes of the February meeting and the check register.  Bud second, motion carried.


Ken Books reported on the Wheaton Ball Program.  The first practice will be April 1st at the Wheaton Park.  The first game will be near the end of April.


The Treasurer's report was reviewed and filed with the Clerk.


Herb gave the Fire Board report from February 27th.  Replacement of the defibrillators, Chippewa Fire District Audit, Fire Inspection Fees, Tank Inspection Fees were discussed.  The Board approved purchasing a Subaru Outback for $27,722.00 for Tank Inspection Vehicle.


Wayne read the minutes of the February 16th and March 7th Plan Commission meetings.  Discussion of ordinances were the agendas of both meetings.  Alice invited the Town Board to attend the next Plan Commission meeting on April 6th when the ordinances will be complete.  Bud thinks Tom Harnisch should have the final input on the ordinances.  Mark B. told Bud to contact Tom Harnisch to see if he is interested.


Ken Books reported on the February 21st Park Commission meeting.  Board adoptions to the Comprehensive Plan has a May 1st deadline to be considered for the Park Expansion Grant.  The Safe House for the Park will not be pursued due to the grant requirements.  The outdoor recreation plan is being worked on and creating a Facebook account is being discussed.


Gary moved to recind the Haas bids for the 40th Street / 30th Ave. Intersection Project(TRID), and 40th St. paving from 20th Ave. to Hwy 29 contingent on what the State says about rebidding both projects to be included in the TRID.  Ken second, motion carried.  The Town would receive $150,000.00 extra for the project.


After review there was no action taken regarding emails and domain services.


Mark B. reminded the residents about the Spring Election on April 4, 2017 and the Board about the WTA District Meetings on Saturday, March 25th at Florian Gardens in Eau Claire and March 31st at Das Lach Haus in Cumberland.


Bud moved to adjourn to closed session per 19.85(1)(c), considering employment, compensation, and performance for town road employees.  Gary second, roll call vote.  Mark B.-Y, Bud-Y, Ken-Y, Gary-Y, Herb-Y, motion carried.  After reconvening to open session Mark B. announced Lenny and Dave will receive a 65 cent/hr. raise beginning 3/16/2017.  Mark Meyer's wage will remain the same.


The next meeting was set for Tuesday, April 11, 2017.  Meeting adjourned at 9:40 p.m.

Mark A. Christenson, Clerk


These minutes have not yet been approved.  4/7/2017

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