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Town of Wheaton Board Meeting (not yet approved)
Apr 11, 2017




Notices were posted April 7,2017 at the Town Hall, Fire Station, Recycling Center, Eau Claire Travel Center, and submitted to CHIPPEWA HERALD.  Mark Blaskowski called the meeting to order at 7 p.m.  Present:  Mark Blaskowski, Bud Beckwith, Gary De Moe, Herb Steinmetz, Ruth Fagerland, Mark Christenson, Roger Fagerland, Alice Droske, Tom Piercy, Wayne Miller, Dennis Fehr, Brian Gerrits, Ken Books, Steve Blodgett, Adam Blaskowski.  Ken Custer was absent.


Gary moved to approve the agenda.  Bud second, motion carried.


Gary moved to approve the Clerk's report.  Bud second, motion carried.


Roger commented on the good job of sweeping Dave Burtness did at the Recycling Center.


The Treasurer's report was discussed and filed with the Clerk.


Herb reported the Fire Board discussed Fire Inspection fees and the audit by Wipfli.  Wipfli found that a weakness exists in internal controls of the Fire District and there is a lack of segregated activities.


Wayne read the minutes of the March 16th and April 6th Plan Commission meetings.  The agenda for both meetings was review and discussion of ordinances.


Ken Books reported the Park Commission discussed a floating docking type system and concrete boat ramp sections for the Boat Landing, upper pavilion/concession building updates, updated DNR Grant Application for the Park Expansion/Boat Landing Improvements, Town of Wheaton Facebook Page to promote Park Activities, Chippewa County Outdoor Recreation Plan Updates.


Mark B. announced bids for the 40th Street/30th Ave. Intersection Project (TRID), and 40th Street paving from 20th Ave. to Hwy 29 will be opened April 20th at 11 a.m. in the Town Hall.


No action was taken on Town emails and domain services.


It may take several meetings to review individual ordinances with consideration of the recommendations of the Plan Commission.  Tom thinks legal council needs to check to be sure the wording is correct in any ordinance recommended for review by the Town Board.

Bud moved to postpone decision on legal council to a future date.  Herb second, motion carried.


Herb moved to approve hiring CBS Squared for design of an upper pavilion for the Park in the amount of $7,300.  Gary second, motion carried.


Mark B. discussed crack seal, chip seal, and concrete bridge deck seal projects.  He will begin the bidding process and bids will be opened at the May Board meeting.


Gary moved to approve hiring We Mow Lawn Care to mow the area around the boat landing at $75.00 per mowing.  Herb second, motion carried.


Next meeting was set for May 9, 2017.  Meeting adjourned at 8:50 p.m.

Mark A. Christenson, Clerk


These minutes have not yet been approved.  4/30/2017


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