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Jun 07, 2017





Notices were posted at the Town Hall, Fire Station, Recycling Center, Eau Claire Travel Center and submitted to CHIPPEWA HERALD.  Mark Blaskowski called the meeting to order at 7 p.m.  Present:  Mark Blaskowski, Bud Beckwith, Gary De Moe, Herb Steinmetz, Mark Christenson, Ruth Fagerland, Roger Fagerland, Alice Droske, Tom Piercy, Wayne Miller, Steve Blodgett, Ryan Michels, Adam Blaskowski, Kevin & Elizabeth DeCook, Stacey Bunkelman.  Dennis Fehr arrived at 7:10.


Gary moved to approve the agenda.  Bud second.  Mark, Bud, Gary approved and Herb opposed.  Motion carried.


Clerk's Report for May 9th and May 15th were approved and filed with the Clerk.


Mark reported Mike Jorden, from the Chippewa Chamber has not gotten back to him regarding their ability to provide legal tourism promotions for the Town of Wheaton.


Treasurer's Report was reviewed.  Mark B., Bud, Dennis, Gary, Herb voted yes to approve payment of the Senn Blacktop bill.  The report was filed with the Clerk.


Herb reported the Fire Board discussed equipment updates and EMS proposal to increase the budget.  Wheaton's share would be $2.58/$1,000.00 property value. 


Wayne read the minutes of the June 6th Plan Commission meeting.  The agenda included Bylaws and rules of the WPC, ATV's in the Town of Wheaton, Elizabeth and Kevin DeCook request for rezoning, WPC expects of the WTB about ordinances questions, Quasi-judicial with regard to Plan Commission.


There was no Park Commission report.


Mark B. reported the reconstruction of a portion of 50th Street from 45th Ave. to 50th Ave. and on the 40th Ave. Project is finished and came in under budget.


Dennis presented the information on Social Media.  Dennis volunteered to start it up for free on Facebook.  Mark B. discussed the liabilities to the Town because of the open meetings law and advised Dennis to contact Steve Nicke from City of Eau Claire to get guidelines for social media start up.  Dennis and Bud will go to City of Eau Claire and get information.  Bud moved to table any action on social media until more information is gathered.  Dennis second, motion carried.


Herb moved to approve liquor licenses for Wander Inn, River Inn Bar, Loopy's Grill & Saloon, River Country Coop., Low Down Saloon.  Gary second, motion carried.


The Board reviewed the request by the DeCook's to rezone a portion of land at 6485 CTH N from agricultural to local commercial.  Herb is concerned about neighbors not being notified about the meeting.  Mark B. answered the postings are legal.  There will be a kitchen large enough for people to have their own catering.  Outdoor speakers, driveway location, liquor licensing are still a concern.  Stacey Bunkelman discussed legal age for drinking alcohol, transporting people to and from lodging.  Gary moved to postpone action on the request until the July Board meeting.  Dennis second, motion carried.


Ordinance discussion was also postponed until the July meeting.


Next meeting was set for July 11, 2017 at 7 p.m.  Meeting adjourned at 9:20 p.m.

Mark Christenson, Clerk


These minutes have not yet been approved.


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