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Town of Wheaton Board Minutes ( approved)
May 09, 2017




Notices were posted May 5, 2017 at the Town Hall, Fire Station, Recycling Center, Eau Claire Travel Center, and submitted to CHIPPEWA HERALD.  Mark Blaskowski called the meeting to order at 7 p.m.  Present:  Mark Blaskowski, Bud Beckwith, Gary De Moe, Dennis Fehr, Herb Steinmetz, Mark Christenson, Ruth Fagerland, Roger Fagerland, Richard Manthe, Alice Droske, Wayne Miller, Tom Piercy, Nate LaBelle, Tony Roder, Stacey Bunkelman, Mike and Ronda Gappa, Steve Blodgett, Bob Hayden, Doug Clary, Brian Gerrits, Ken Custer, Keith Fehr, Bruce Mlsna, Lee Jensen, Greg Gruna, Chris Gerhardt, Randy Sommerfeld, Gary Peterson.


Gary moved to approve the agenda.  Herb second, motion carried.


Bud moved to approve the Clerk's report.  Gary second, motion carried.


Wayne thinks we should make the lettering on the Recycling sign that reads "See Attendent Before Dumping" larger to make people aware to check with Richard or Roger before unloading solid waste or recyclables.   Roger would like to see a better security system for the doors on the buildings at the Recycling Center.  Mark B. will come over to check out what needs to be done.


Treasurer's report was filed with the Clerk.


Fire Board is doing training on self defense, search and rescue.  Each station will be driving a truck in the Pure Water Days Parade.  They talked about the Budget but did not show anything had been done to balance the current budget.  Mark B. suggests the Fire Board publish their budget each month.  Herb will request it be put on the agenda.


Wayne read the minutes of the May 2nd Plan Commission meeting.  The agenda included discussion of cul-de-sacs, report from Dean Gullickson, District 7 Supervisor, By-laws for Wheaton Plan Commission, ATV's on Town roads, review comprehensive plan.


Brian Gerrits presented the minutes of the Park Commission meeting held April 20th.  The agenda included Upper Pavilion/Concession Building Updates, Updated DNR Grant Application, Wheaton Facebook Page to promote Park Activities, Chippewa County Outdoor RecreationPlan Updates, Boat Landing Improvements, Park Memorial Donations.

Brian also presented a copy of the DNR Grant Application for the Park Improvements.


Gary moved to approve  hiring Fahrner to do the Bridge Deck Sealing on 35th Street over Elk Creek and 65th Ave. over Trout Creek for $18,004.35.  Bud second, roll call vote:  Mark B., Bud, Dennis, Gary, Herb all voted yes.  Motion carried.  The crack seal and chip seal bids will need to be discussed at another Board meeting.


Possibilities of having a room tax program instituted was discussed.  Mark B. discussed the history of the room tax.  Stacey Bunkelman provided the Board with a Tourism Entity Overview and the Wisconsin Room Tax Statute.  The law was changed in 2015 creating a new statutory definition of "Tourism Entity" and what requirements must a Tourism Entity follow.  Chris Gerhardt, Weld, Riley law firm, stated the Town must contract with an entity to spend the money for tourism.  This must result in direct over night stays.  The Hotel must track the number of room stays it brings in from a given event.  Dennis wants to ask the Chippewa Falls Chamber and Visit Eau Claire for bids on being Wheaton's Tourism Entity.  Bruce Mlsna stated that Wheaton is too far out  for Chippewa and Visit Eau Claire to spend money on tourism for Wheaton.  It will end up being spent for Chippewa and Eau Claire.  Dennis moved to get bids for Tourism Entity from Chippewa Chamber and Visit Eau Claire.  Herb second.  Bud, Dennis and Herb voted yes, Mark B. and Gary voted no.  Motion carried.  Bruce Mlsna said he opposes creating a Tourism Entity and implementing a room tax.  It must be successful for the Town of Wheaton.


Doug Clary discussed the feasibility of the Town of Wheaton getting out of County Zoning.  The next chance Wheaton would be able to opt out of zoning is 2021.  A resolution would need to be in place by 2020.  Chris stated the costs for the Town rise once your out of zoning.  Legal fees, legal council, administration, enforcement will be paid for by the Town and not the County.  Wheaton's County tax will not drop because of not being in County Zoning.   Greg Gruna explained that septic systems are inspected by the State.  They are regulated by the State Code.  Even if we get out of zoning we are still tied to the County because they have jurisdiction over the shoreland ordinance, flood plain ordinance, sanitary ordinance, and land division ordinance.  The zoning map and rezones must be approved by the County Board.  The State Law is not in our favor.  We will need to fight the State on our own.    Mark stated there will need to be investigation done on what getting out of zoning will cost the Town in added liability and work.


Nathan LaBelle discussed the ATV trail.  There needs to be a trail to connect to the main trail.  There will need to be information gathered on this for a couple months to determine where a trail could be put.  Insurance will go up for the Town.  


Dennis wants to move the role of social media to the next meeting.  Mark stated we would need our own server to store material for the Town for public records.


Next meeting was set for May 15, 2017.  Meeting adjourned at 10:15 p.m.

Mark Christenson, Clerk


These minutes have not yet been approved.  6/4/2017             


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