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Town of Wheaton Board Minutes (approved)
May 15, 2017




Notices were posted at the Town Hall, Fire Station, Recycling Center, Eau Claire Travel Center, and submitted to CHIPPEWA HERALD.  Mark Blaskowski called the meeting to order at 6 p.m.  Present:  Mark Blaskowski, Bud Beckwith, Gary De Moe, Herb Steinmetz, Mark Christenson, Ruth Fagerland, Roger Fagerland, Alice Droske, Tom Piercy, Wayne Miller, Ken Books, Jeff from Scott's Construction, Dennis Fehr arrived at 6:20.

Gary moved to approve the agenda.  Bud second, motion carried.

Tom suggested that we should create a form of steps for people to follow when petitioning the Plan Commission and Town Board with a Project Proposal.  An organized plan would help everyone understand the proposal better.  Mark B. will attempt to prepare one.

Gary moved to approve hiring Superior Sealers to do the Crack Sealing in 2017 for $8,414.00.  Herb second, roll call vote.  Mark B., Herb, Bud, Gary all voted yes.  Motion carried.  Gary moved to approve hiring Scott Construction to do the Chip Sealing in 2017 for $64,059.00 using 100% fractured Dresser trap rock.  Herb second, roll call vote.  Mark B., Bud, Dennis, Gary, Herb all voted yes.  Motion carried.  Jeff stated the projects will be done July or August.

Mark B. announced Senn Blacktop will pave 50th Street from 45th Ave. to 50th Ave. May 23rd.

Mike Jorden, from the Chippewa Chamber has not gotten back to Mark B. regarding their ability to provide legal tourism promotions for the Town of Wheaton.  Linda John from Visit Eau Claire is not interested.

Dennis Fehr did a social media presentation discussing benefits of social media used at meetings.  He wants to bring in a couple of groups to explain how to use it.  Mark B. stated you are signing a contract when you set up a facebook account.  Everything you enter on Facebook must be saved for public records.  It is monitored at all times.  Carol Nawrocki, Attorney for WTA recommends NOT setting up a Facebook account for the Town.  We will need to contact Stacey Miller at Rural Insurance to determine the cost of insurance due to higher liability.

Bud moved to approve hiring Tom Harnisch for all legal council for the Town of Wheaton.  Herb second.  There was much discussion and arguing between Bud, Wayne, Herb, Alice regarding the Weld - Riley firm that we have now and Tom Harnisch.  Alice and Wayne want to retain the Weld-Riley firm for the Plan Commission while Bud and Herb want Tom Harnisch for all Town legal work.  Question was called; roll call vote;  Bud, Dennis, Herb voted yes, Gary voted no, Mark B. abstained, motion carried.


Mark B. discussed the acquisition of software for the field collection of data about the roads, signs culverts, and other Town assets, to be in compliance with sign standards requirements Manual on Uniform Traffic Control Devices, road asset information for Wisconsin Information System for Local Roads, and good engineering.  This provides for proper cataloging of conditions in real time (apps) and storage to permanent databases.

Mark B. will get someone to a meeting to explain the app and how it works.


Next meeting will be June 7, 2017 at 7 p.m.  Meeting adjourned at 7:45 p.m.

Mark A. Christenson, Clerk


These minutes have not yet been approved.  5/31/2017  

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