Our long time Town Clerk

Our long time Town Clerk, Mark Christenson, passed away on Monday, January 29th. He was the Town Clerk for over 30 years, providing excellent service to the township. His devotion to the town was only exceeded by his devotion to his family. He maintained all the records, recorded meetings, handled all the accounts payable and receivables, posted public information, ran the elections, completed all payrolls, and performed all the other duties of the clerk. It is with great sorrow that we say goodbye and godspeed to Mark.

As we go forward, we will keep the public updated as well as we can about a new clerk and where and how to contact that person. For now, if you have any business with the clerk’s office, please contact one of the board members by phone or email. They will be happy to address any issue you have and get a resolution as quickly as possible. Thank you for your understanding in this matter, as we try to get back to a measure of normalcy. Mr. Christenson is missed.