USE CAUTION with Township Roads Covered By Water

Notice:  Due to the extreme weather conditions we are having, several roads in the township are being over-topped by water.  Until the culverts thaw or the snow banks melt back allowing the water to run off, PLEASE BE CAREFUL driving through any water over the road.  Take alternate routes if a all possible.
Also, many driveways are icy.  We cannot take the large trucks into private drives.  Frost coming out has weakened the subgrade and these trucks may damage the drives.  IF YOU NEED SAND FOR YOUR DRIVE OR YARD – you can take a couple 5-gallon pails over to the sand/salt shed at 4975 County T and get some.  Do not go into the shed if the wind is strong.  We request that you take only the minimum amount you need.
Thank you for your patience during this extreme weather. 
Mark Blaskowski
Town Chair