COVID-19 Town of Wheaton Update

To all Town of Wheaton Residents:

The worldwide spread of COVID‐19 has led to unprecedented actions being taken all over to lessen the impact of this novel disease. This, like our tornado of September – 2019, appears to be a marathon, not a sprint.  Remember, this is new for EVERYONE. We are all doing our best to help in the efforts to minimize the spread of this disease and to return to some normalcy as soon as possible.

We have attached a document that consists of four (4) emails from the Wisconsin Towns Association.  These communications are dealing with several issues about governance during this time of extreme measures.  Several things will be affected.


Health Emergency Declaration
Effective today, March 19, 2020, at 8:00pm, the Town of Wheaton, under the authority of s. 323.14(4) and Chapter 60, and in line with State and Federal declarations, I am declaring a Health Emergency in the Township of Wheaton. This emergency will continue until repealed by action of the Town Board.  

This emergency declaration allows for certain actions to be taken for the health and safety of the people in the Township, without full Town Board approval.

Town Hall
Under this Emergency Declaration, the Town Hall will be closed to all uses except governmental use requirements until further notice.

Town Recycling Center
Under this Emergency Declaration, the Town Recycling Center will have a policy that only Town Employees are allowed inside the Recycling Center building. All payments required must be exact change, to be placed on the desk provided at the door. Measures are being taken to keep members of the public and town employees at least six (6) feet from each other. Town members are strongly encouraged to NOT bring items to the recycling center that can be stored on their own property for the next several weeks. Garbage may be brought as usual, but keep the handling of recyclables and construction debris out of the stream until a better understanding of this Health Emergency develops.  Your cooperation is greatly appreciated!

Absentee Ballots
Many of you are requesting Absentee Ballots. We are doing our best to get these out. Our Clerk will handle all requests for these ballots, but he is not a full‐time Clerk. Please visit https://myvote.wi.gov/ to request a ballot. Under “Vote Absentee”, you enter your name and birthdate. If you are registered, you will be given the choice to request a ballot. If you are not registered, there is an option to register. Follow those directions. Each person must request their own ballot. You can also go to https://elections.wi.gov/voters/absentee for more information about other ways to obtain a ballot and how and where to vote. Please be patient! This is a difficult task in normal elections.

As of now, the Spring Elections will continue as scheduled and will be held at the Town Hall as usual. If that changes, you will be notified by the media. If you are voting during that time, please have your identification ready. We will be setting up measures, as directed by the Wisconsin Elections Commission, necessary to limit the contact of voters and of poll workers. This is 19 days away, and things may change. Come back to this webpage often to keep up with changes. Again, we are doing our best to keep you informed!

Plan Commission Meeting
The plan commission meeting for April 7th has been cancelled.

Fire Department Committee Meeting
The Fire Department Committee meeting for Thursday, March 26th has been cancelled.

Parks Commission Meeting
The parks commission meeting for March 24th has been cancelled.

Town Board Meeting
Town Board Meeting for April 14th is still scheduled to take place. We will notify everyone via this website and by Town Postings if this changes.

Town Annual Meeting
The Annual Meeting the third Tuesday of April is still scheduled to take place. If the Health Emergency is still in effect at that date, the meeting will be called to order and a motion to postpone until a further date will be brought forward and accepted. If a new date is required, proper legal notifications will be made.