New Town of Wheaton Board Supervisor: The Town of Wheaton Board Supervisor opening has been filled by Carolyn Kaiser.  Here is a little bit about Supervisor Kaiser. Has lived in the Town of Wheaton for 15 years. Upon retiring, after working ‘shifts’ she had the ability to become active with constituency for local passions. For past seven years she has attended and spoke at numerous Chippewa County Board, Chippewa County Land and Forest Management, Wheaton Town Board, and Wheaton Plan Commission meetings.  Focused on a better tomorrow; we accomplish that by looking at the community as a whole, providing them with hygienic water, clean air, safe infrastructure, and allowing them a voice. County committees and Township commissions which have allowed her a voice include:  Being a citizen member of Criminal Justice and Collaborating Council when employed.  Since retirement she currently serves as a citizen member on the County Board of Adjustment. Currently is active in the Chippewa County Land Conservation and Forest Management AD Hoc committee for clean water in bringing a community well to the Town of Wheaton so that safe water is available for all. While living in the Town of Wheaton she served as a poll worker for approximately 10 years and since June 2021 has served as Secretary of Wheaton Plan Commission.   She feels it is important for children to have buy in to their community, make them part of the solution. Her goals include:  listen, ask questions, be proactice in plans that benefit the community, Recognize that it is a team that can accomplish positive decisions for a productive future. Please welcome Supervisor Kaiser to the Wheaton Town Board.  Thank you to all candidates that expressed interest in this opening.


Town of Wheaton Road Ban Notice


Pursuant to Wisconsin Statutes 349.16, the Town of Wheaton seasonal weight restrictions will become effective Thursday, March 9, 2023 at 7:00am until further notice.  Adjustment to the proposed effective date may be considered contingent upon weather conditions.

The Town of Wheaton weight restrictions for 2023 will be set at 10Tons Gross weight (20,000#)  This applies to all Town roads, with a maximum axle load of 6 tons.

This is a critical period of time for the township roads in order to avoid costly damage and we request support and cooperation for this temporary load limit. Penalties may be imposed under sec. 348.21, Wis. Statutes for violations.