Town of Wheaton Board Supervisor Opening

With the Spring Election and Annual Town Meeting of Electors completed all newly elected officials terms have started.  Since Steve Harmon has been elected to the Town Chair position there is now a board supervisor opening.


What happens with the open Town of Wheaton Board Supervisor position?

The position of Board Supervisor previously held by Steve Harmon will be filled per State Statute 17.25:


17.25 Vacancies in town offices; how filled. Vacancies in town offices shall be filled as follows:

(1)(a)  In the town board, by the remaining supervisors and the town clerk, except when a special election is authorized under subd. 2, and par. (d) or as provided in s.9.10….

Section 9.10 applies to recalled officers and is not applicable. Subdivision 2 applies to multiple vacancies and (1)(d) references a special election to fill the seat at the discretion of the board. Neither of these provisions will apply.


Therefore, an elector of the Town of Wheaton will be appointed and take the oath of office and the seat at the May 9, 2023 Town Board meeting. The person appointed to fill this vacancy shall hold office for the remaining of the unexpired term. This will be through April of 2024.


Interested in the position?

Any town elector may apply for this appointment.


How to apply for the position?

Contact the Town Clerk, Town Chair, or any of the Town Supervisors for consideration of appointment.  Attendance at the May 9, 2023 Town Board meeting for all those wishing to be appointed is mandatory.