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Groundwater Testing - This link contains information on where residents can have their water tested.


Town of Wheaton Measured Nitrate Levels Map - 2022

Town of Wheaton Measured Nitrate Levels Map - 2021

Town of Wheaton Measured Nitrate Levels Map - 2019



Chippewa County 2022 Nitrate Occurrence and Source Investigation Project Results Meeting - June 2023

UPDATE:  Link to the study report, the powerpoint presentation given to the Land Conservation & Forest Management Committee, and the presentation given to the project results meeting on 6/28/2023

Chippewa County Department of Land Conservation and Forest Management - Overview of Management Efforts to Limit NO3- Contributions to Groundwater from Agricultural Sources - December 2021

Wisconsin DNR Nitrate Webinar Series - August - September 2021

Well Sampling Project (Nitrates) - July 2021


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Chippewa County

Chippewa County Well Water Monitoring Project

UW Stevens Point - Central Wisconsin Groundwater Center

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Department of Natural Resources

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New Interactive PFAS Data Tool

Well Compensation Grant Program

















































Wisconsin Groundwater Coordinating Council Report to the Legislature - Fiscal Year 2021











































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