Wheaton Park Ornamentation Project Campaign

Why should I participate in this ornamentation project campaign?

Ornamentation project improvements to Wheaton Park will provide social, recreational, and economic benefits to our residents/non-residents and help make our township more attractive to new citizens and businesses.  Fundraising campaigns offer the community an opportunity to make a donation, memorial gift, or in honor gift with long lasting benefits to our area.  By allowing for resident/non-resident and community donations this brings a sense of community ownership to this project, unifying our commitment to the park.

Phase 1

Phase 1 Features:  11 Bushes, 3 Shrubs, 14 Trees, 2 Picnic Tables, and 7 Benches

Phase 1 Investment:  $7,850

Phase 1 Projected Completion:  Fall 2022


Phase 2

Phase 2 Features:  3 Bushes, 3 Trees, 3 Picnic Tables, and 9 Benches

Phase 2 Investment:  $5,400

Phase 2 Projected Completion:  Fall 2024


Wheaton Park Ornamentation Project Donation Form


Frequently Asked Questions

What is the Wheaton Park?

The Wheaton Town Park is located on the same property as the Wheaton Fire Station consisting of 63.7 acres.

Park Features:

  • Three baseball fields and batting cages
  • Tennis/basketball court
  • Two open sided covered pavilions
  • One multi-use building
  • Two Playgrounds
  • Ice skating rink
  • Sledding hill
  • Snowmobile trail access and trailer parking
  • Hiking and snowshoeing trails

What activities and events can be held at the park?

Baseball tournaments, tennis, non-profit fundraisers, social gatherings, reunions, graduation parties, ice skating, sledding, and hiking.

What are the established recognition levels for donations?

Bush ($50), Shrub ($100), Tree ($200), Picnic Table ($350), and Bench ($500).

What are the estimated costs of Phase 1? 

Phase 1 - $7,850

What are the estimated costs of Phase 2?

Phase 2 - $5,400*

*Please Note:  Phase 2 will not start until Phase 1 is completed and the upper concession building/pavilion work is completed.

When is the ornamentation project scheduled to be completed?

Phase 1 – Fall 2022

Phase 2 – Fall 2024

Is there a map showing where donations would be located?

An ornamentation project map of Wheaton Park showing approved locations for the different Phase 1 and 2 items is posted at Wheaton Town Hall, Wheaton Park Concession Building, Town of Wheaton Website, and Wheaton Parks and Recreation Facebook page.

Who is managing the ornamentation project campaign?
The Wheaton Parks Commission will be managing the ornamentation project campaign.

What is the Town of Wheaton’s commitment?

The Wheaton Parks Commission has applied for previous grants to do various park improvements.  The Township is committed to improving the park by allocating annual budget funding for repairs, maintenance, and improvements.

 Is my contribution tax deductible?

Contributions are tax deductible to the extent allowed by IRS standards.  A receipt will be issued for contributions.  Questions regarding the best tax impact for your specific donation should be referred to your tax advisor.

Donor Recognition Plan

All contributions will be recognized on a donor board unless otherwise selected to remain anonymous.

Where do I send my donation?

Ken Books

Town of Wheaton Parks Commission Chair

1121 40th Street

Eau Claire, WI  54703

I have additional questions?

For any additional questions, please contact any Wheaton Parks Commission Member.