Wheaton Park Winter Activities Spotlight

Looking for winter activities to do in 2022.  Come to Wheaton Park and enjoy the outdoors while taking part in plenty of winter activities available for all ages.  

  • Sledding and Snowboarding
  • Ice Skating – Rink is open for the season and located next to 40th Street parking lot this year!
  • Walking/Snowshoeing Trails
  • Snowmobile Trail Access

NOTE:  There is NO EQUIPMENT available at the park.

Interested in volunteering to help keep the ice rink clear of snow this season?  Email wheatonpark@gmail.com or call Ken Books at 715-874-6414


Sledding Hill


Ice Rink


Wheaton Park Map


All of these winter activities are done from our 40th Street park entrance.  Click to go to Google Maps


Hope to see you there in 2022!!