Plan Commission Positions Appointments

The Wheaton Plan Commission has three positions up for appointment.

Currently two positions are held by Carolyn Kaiser and Chuck Wood.  The current commissioners may request re-appointment.  These 2 positions will serve a 3 year term through April 2025.  

The third position is held by Steve Harmon and will be vacated as a result of the recent election due to the plan commission ordinance only allowing for one town board member to serve on the plan commission.  This position will serve a 2 year term through April 2024.

The town board will appoint a board member to the plan commission at the same time as the other commissioners are appointed.  

Plan Commission Member Responsibilities

  • Attend Plan Commission meetings as scheduled
  • Review conditional use permits (CUP) and offer recommendations to Town Board  
  • Assist with and review Town of Wheaton Comprehensive Plan
  • Assist with and review Town of Wheaton Ordinances
  • Refer to Ordinance Chapter 40 for additional information

If you are interested in one of the three available seats please contact the Town Chair, Town Clerk, Town Treasurer, or any Town Board Supervisor for consideration.  Appointments will be made at the next Town Board meeting.