Notice of Text Amendments to the Town of Wheaton Ordinance




In accordance with the provisions of Section 61.50, Wisconsin Statutes, public notice is hereby given to all residents in the Town of Wheaton that the Town of Wheaton Board at its August 16, 2022, meeting passed an Ordinance titled “CHAPTER 44 ORDINANCE ESTABLISHING A ROOM TAX” for the purpose of collecting a tax on the sales price from selling or furnishing, at retail, of rooms or lodging to transients by hotelkeepers, motel operators, marketplace providers, owners of short-term rentals and other persons or retailers selling or furnishing accommodations that are available to the public, irrespective of whether membership is required for use of the accommodations.

A copy of Chapter 44 Ordinance Establishing A Room Tax may be viewed by appointment at the Town of Wheaton Town Hall, 4975 CTH T, Chippewa Falls, WI 54729 or online at www.townofwheaton.com. The described amendment shall take effect on December 23, 2022.


Scott Deutscher,

Town of Wheaton Clerk


Publication Date: December 22, 2022.

Emergency Alert 04-12-2023: FIRE PREVENTION AWARENESS Spring weather has finally arrived and with that yard cleanup is in full effect and questions have started coming in about burning permits. We recommend first all residents and businesses check out area fire danger by 1. Go to Wisconsin DNR Interactive Fire Danger Map and click on Chippewa County. 2. Drive past Wheaton Park / Wheaton Fire & Rescue frontage road sign along Wisconsin 29 South Frontage Road. 3. Follow Wheaton Fire & Rescue on Facebook. Now back to the burning permit questions. Burning permits are NOT REQUIRED in the Town of Wheaton; however, you can only burn what is allowed by state law. Visit the Wisconsin DNR website at https://dnr.wi.gov/topic/openburning/ for burning regulations and several articles about burning alternatives. Also all our burning and fire danger information questions with links can be found in the frequently asked questions section which is accessible from the townofwheaton.com homepage using the ? icon under the picture. Thank you