Parks Commission Position Appointment

The Wheaton Parks Commission has one position up for appointment.

Currently the position is held by Jan Dole.  The current commissioner may request re-appointment.  This position will serve a 7 year term through July 2029.

The Parks Commission aids in development and maintenance of Wheaton Park (63 acres) and boat landing in the township.

Parks Commission Member Responsibilities

  • Attend monthly Parks Commission meetings
  • Research and collect information on park and boat landing improvement/maintenance items
  • Work on park and boat landing improvement grant applications
  • Assist with park rentals if other parks commission members are out of town
  • Help with park ornamentation project

Interested in joining the 7 person Parks Commission or if you have additional questions?  Contact Ken Books – Wheaton Parks Commission Chair at 715-874-6414 or email wheatonpark@gmail.com.  

Appointment will be made at the next Town Board meeting.